Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to Take the (Bad) Edge Off the Audition - Part 2

You're right: Step 1 is deceptively simple. In fact,
it's so simple, many actors looking for a way to get
past the nerves probably dismissed or overlooked it. 
How could getting a clear picture of a winning
in your head possibly work?  Well, in Step 3
time), I will indeed tell you why this works.

In any case, by now you should have a firm vision in
your head of a winning actor in a winning audition. 

This can be from
  • Your own audition experience
  • Seeing another actor audition well
  • Seeing a movie that depicts actors auditioning well
  • A fabricated memory you have pieced together
    from any
    or all of the above.
As long as you have that 'great audition' firmly in
your head, you're ready to move on.

Step 2: Identify the Fear Factor

Think about why are you nervous about this particular
audition coming up. 

Really pin-point WHY it is that your anxiety level is
high in this particular audition situation. 

Don't allow your answer to be 'Because it's an
audition!'  You must be VERY SPECIFIC about this

Is it because it's one of your first auditions, and you
don't know what to expect? 

If that's so, you can always find out about the
audition ahead of time.  For instance, you can find out
if the audition will be in a theater on the stage, or a
rehearsal room, or in a church...You
can find out if
other actors will be watching when you

Getting answers about how the audition will run can make
you feel a whole lot better, since it will take away
some of the unknown elements.  (Seems simple, but many
actors operate from the mindset that they are supposed
to be ignorant
, that the process is supposed to be hard.)

Or... Maybe you're so nervous because you just want to
do a good job.  Are you're afraid you'll screw it up?
Whatever you're nervous about, there is SOMETHING, or
someTHINGS that you keep picturing in your head.  Make
sure you know what those are, especially those pictures
or scenes that keep coming up again and again.

That kind of nervousness is the kind that can get in
your way at the audition, so we will work on getting
rid of it so that you can do your very best. 

The more you trust yourself, and the better prepared you are, the better you'll do

Here's what I want you to do...

Get a 3x5 card, or your journal, and write your top
three fears - those things that you keep imagining
that are really making you nervous.

Do not write long descriptions -- just list 'bullet
points.'  Something like this:
  • afraid of my hands shaking
  • worried that I'll forget my words
  • scared that everyone else will be better than me
Don't write more detail than that.

Now... Put this card away until the next Empowered
Actor article.  Don't keep looking at it -- just
remember where you put it, so we can work with it
next time.

And between now and then, don't mull over the fears
in your mind.  Just NOTICE when you start slipping
into the Fear Factor mode.  Don't beat yourself up
about your imaginings -- just think about something
else, something more pleasant that has to do with
acting that you like so much.

Until next time, Here's to Your Empowerment!


Copyright © 2006, 2007, 2010 Tom Brooks and
The Empowered Actor Initiative  All Rights Reserved

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  1. okay, wrote down my HORRORS and now I'm just going to think about that happy thought and eagerly wait for your next blog. Until then, "Elephants in tutus, elephants in tutus, elephants in tutus..."