Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Actor's Thanksgiving

As actors, we tend to overlook the best in
ourselves. Too critical of our skills, we often
diminish what is of true value within.

The art of Acting, the very act of the process

in its most pure form, is BEING; existing in a

Remember, you are not acting to be someone

else, or to escape from yourself. You are, or
should be, bringing all of yourself into the roles
you create, whether for the audition or the

It's true that you CAN feel and behave like

another person, and in so doing, you are--or
seem to be--getting away from who you think
of the best acting, of true acting.

Remember, the best acting is when the words,

the intentions, and the resulting action and
emotions all come FROM YOU -- not fabricated
or pretended, but come from YOU REVEALED.

It can be intimidating to be that vulnerable, to be

that emotionally naked on stage or in front of the
camera. This true vulnerability is where the risk
factor, the "edge," comes in; the element of danger
(to ego); the ability to reveal a secret.

It is in this state of vulnerability that you are most

magnetic on stage; it is the glint in your eye in the

So this Thanksgiving, remember who you are. In

your life right now, you might feel centered, you
might feel lost, or somewhere in between. Either
way keep up the search.

The search is ongoing. It is the search for truth.

Truth in your relationships, truth in your life,
truth in your acting work.

The only way to move forward in a constructive

manner is to be brave enough -- and humble enough
-- to look within and give thanks for the gifts you have
been given. Know that you can move forward driven
by the strength of the goodness and gifts you have;
you can move forward in spite of the weaknesses
or faults.

The weaknesses within can best be dealt with when

you are brave enough to touch them, hold them, to
see them for what they are: not as insurmountable
obstacles, but as fuel for progress toward being
more of the person you want to become.

Along with your loved ones, celebrate yourSelf over

the holiday. You are unique, you are here for a reason.
It is time to move forward.

Here's to a bright, safe and Happy Thanksgiving,


Copyright (c) 2008, 2014 Tom Brooks. All Rights Reserved